Wednesday, January 28, 2009

District 50/51

District 50/51 Representative Meeting

January 5, 2009

John W. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

George read the Traditions

Introductions were done

District financial report given by Jim. R.

The First Quarter Assembly is this weekend in Oak Ridge at the Doubletree.

The Forum money will be split. Will find out if District 4 needs money. If not, the money will be split 3 ways instead of 4.

John A reminded everyone that at the Assemblies for roll call, when the person is called, they are to physically stand and answer.

Mike C. gave the Intergroup report. Donations had been low and the office had been running very low on supplies. Things are now looking up and he is restocking. The Hotline shifts are all filled.

Previous District minutes were read by all and accepted as written.

George is back and gave the Corrections Committee report. They still need more help. He asked to announce to groups. Darlene asked how to get involved. The Corrections Committee meeting is this Thursday and every first Thursday of every month at 6:30PM at the Flatiron.

John Mc. Gave the Archives report. They should have something going this month.

Chuck F. gave the Treatment report. He said there wasn’t much to report. He went to Serene Manor, but the contact person wasn’t there. He will try again. He said he thinks Bradford would like for them to come in there, but he can’t personally commit to anything at this time. Call Chuck if you would like to volunteer (865-971-3710). The next opening for speakers is January 23rd. February and March are completely open. He said he knows someone who would like to help CPC but probably can’t make the District meetings. Will ask him if he could come to at least one to possibly be voted in. Wayne suggested he attend an Assembly to see what the meetings entail. Bradford is strictly out patient. Will find out what they need. He said he could put people in contact with folks if they want to volunteer. John A warned to be careful due to possible Traditions violations. John W said the Forum Committee did a very good job and was complimented. Darlene asked if a report was made and John A said kinda sorta.

Pam said she would call Anson to see if he resigned. Hasn’t been done so far due to medical circumstance.

Wayne moved we make one more attempt to contact Anson and Pam to find out what they are going to do and possibly elect new officers next month. The motion was seconded and carried.

Anson said he does not want to serve any longer as Wayne had reached him by telephone to clarify.

The meeting was adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer after the 7th Tradition hat was passed.

Submitted with love by

Gina M.