Friday, July 31, 2009


Tradition Eight: Alchoholics Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.

If you need to get in touch with the East Tennessee Intergroup Central office our phone number is : 865-974-9888 or you can send us an email at

If you think you have a problem with alcohol you can call our Hotline at 865-522-9667

A meeting schedule and further information about A.A. in East Tennessee can be found at:

I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that, I am responsible.

Intergroup Minutes

Meeting was held Sun July 12 at Rockford.

On line edition averaging about5 hits a day.

Hotline full with back ups.

Bridging the Gap - Lee stepped down for personal reasons.We are looking for someone to step forward to take over Chairperson job.

New Business

We ordered books before the price increase went in to effect.The old prices are still in effect until we have to order again.

Intergroup meeting changedfrom 2 PM to 1:15 PM.

We voted to have an intergroup person attend the District 4 meeting to report on intergroup, answer any questions about intergroup and act as a liaison between Intergroup and the District 4 GSR's as we do with District 50/51.

Reinstated how our 3rd Concept forWorld Service affects all of A. A.

NEXT Inter-Group meeting Sunday, August 2nd 1:15 P.M. at Rockford

District 4

District 4 Meeting
Meeting held Sun June 7at Rockford.

Group reports given by the 9 GSR's attending. Was your GSR there?

Reminder to ALL groups, it is time to elect GSR's and Alternates for the years 2010 and2011. Please get this information to Mary Ann or Charlie ASAP.

Next meeting Sunday August 2 At ROCKFORD 2 P. M. followed by Convention Planning Meeting.

District 50/51

District 50/51 Representative Meeting
July 6, 2009

John W opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Wayne read the Traditions.

Previous minutes read by all. Motion to accept as written. Motion carried.

Jim R gave the District financial report.

Mike gave the Intergroup report. Doris is still Hotline Coordinator and now has a Co-Coordinator. He got some donations and restocked some supplies. He thanked everyone for their contributions. All Hotline shifts are full.

The next Assembly will be at the Clarion Hotel in Murfreesboro. Two proposals to be voted on. The first is to change the service manual to reflect the change of amount forwarded to the Host Committee to $750. Wayne said that is already in effect, it just hasn’t been put into the manual yet.. The second is All Area 64 Conventions to be held over the Labor Day weekend unless approved by the Assembly body. It’s important not to schedule an Area Assembly that will be back to back to an Area Convention.

No CPC/PI report.

Archives – John Mc said he did an interview with Jim R and talked to Tom N about ideas.

Corrections – The have changed their meeting time from 6:30 PM to 7PM. It is still the first Thursday of each month. They are having trouble getting women approved. Female inmates are now housed downtown. The next meeting will be Aug 6 7PM at the Flatiron.

Treatment – Reba has taken over as Chairman. Please contact her with ideas or suggestions. They need speakers, all slots are open. John W. thanked her for stepping up.

Old Business

Area 64 is to host the 2011 Assembly. John A. has the information. John W. has the information about the one that was held here in 2008. Need to review the budget. Wayne moved to present it to the Assembly body. Jim R seconded.

New Business

Wayne said to stay current with the State all groups need to do their elections for GSR in Sept. A motion was made to give the DCM’s the money to go to the Assembly. George said there is a Corrections workshop coming up and will need money to go. Next month we will discuss having a Prudent Reserve and how much it should be. John W asked everyone to take it back to their groups and ask what they think it should be. And about District donating to groups.

$12.00 was collected in the 7th Tradition hat.

There was a motion to adjourn and the meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Submitted with love by
Gina M.

Chairman's Message

I hope to see a good contingent of East Tennessee membership at the State Convention over Labor Day Weekend. For the A. A. membership that is unaware of the function of Intergroup a work shop will be held on Sat. Afternoon. This is not limited to Intergroup reps but is for ALL our membership. We will give an overview of Intergroup's function and answer any questions you may have.Please take time to come to this workshop.

I would also remind you that the General Service office will be taking reservations for the International Convention. They will start booking Sept 1. For more information on the State Convention or the International Convention speak to your GSR or your Intergroup Rep. Don't know who your group reps are or if you even have one ask around if you don't have one get one elected!

Peter O'n.

June Birthdays

Tellico Plains
Zelda 2 yrs
Mike 25yrs

Mc Minn Support Group
Jay R 2 yrs

Etowah Turning Point
Sally S. 2 yrs
Philip 4 yrs
Beth 6 yrs
DR. Tom 14 yrs
Lawrence 26 yrs
Patricia 38 yrs

Monroe County
Bill H 16 yrs

Tellico Village
Bob B. 08-01-06 3 yrs
George C. 08-13-87 22 yrs
Peter M. 08-24-06 3yrs
Don Doyle R.I.P. 3yrs

Blount County
Principles Before Personalities
Dutch 37 yrs

Surrender to Win
Carolyn H 1 yr
Jim C 4 yrs
Bud H 26 yrs