Sunday, April 26, 2009

District 50/51

District 50/51

April 6, 2009 

John W opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

George read the Traditions

Jim R read the Treasurers report

Mike gave the financial report for Intergroup.  Doris has stepped down as Hotline Coordinator and Gina has stepped in to fill it until a full time volunteer comes forward.  GSO is raising the price of books and Intergroup prices will increase to reflect that.  Hotline Coordinator job will ideally be split between two people, alternating weekends.  Any questions should be presented to Pete O’N., Intergroup Chair. (566-5293)

Assembly Information – John expressed an amends for not telling District about a CD he had been given containing the agenda items for the upcoming Assembly.  District 9 is hosting the next Assembly which will be held July 17-19 in Murfreesboro.  Anyone who made reservations in Cookeville should call to cancel and make sure to get a cancellation confirmation number.  For information about reservations in Murfreesboro please call (615-896-2420.  To cancel or any other concerns about arrangements for Cookeville, please call (931-526-7125)

CPC/PI – Gordon has taken over as CPC chair and has requested anyone interested in serving as PI please contact him (679-5488)

No Archive report

Corrections – George said Ron and Ken went to the workshop.  He requested for us to go to our groups and ask for possible donations of Big Books.  The treasury is down but that will probably change.  He had been given $250 to attend the workshop and he returned the leftover monies.  The next Corrections Committee meeting will be May 7, at the Flatiron 6:30 PM and every 1st Thursday of every month.  John W suggested we try to get 3 Grapevines from our homegroups to donate and said it is a great way to carry the message.  

Treatment – Ruth came and asked for money to buy some Big Books and 12x12’s for Centerpointe.  They will stay in-house.  Jim moved to buy 10 and 10 and Wayne amended it to half and half due to Intergroup being low on supplies and review the situation next month. Jim said he will go ahead and write him a check and Ruth will go tomorrow and pick the books up.

Old Business

Pam gave an amends for the same CD containing the agenda items as John did earlier in the meeting.  Kellie said her group is having financial difficulties and asked for suggestions.  Wayne said when it happened to his group they cut out some meetings.  She then said she was referring to a clubhouse and was told that isn’t an AA matter.  The Tennessee State Convention will be held September 4-6.  Registration is $20  They will have speakers and the motel said they would extend the group rate to allow extra days for the Labor Day weekend.  John asked if we want to do the 1st Quarter Assembly in 2011.  Wayne moved to put in a bid.  The motion passed with 1 being opposed.  Wayne said he would talk to the Crowne Plaza. 

The meeting adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer. 

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Gina M.