Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chairman's Message

In our last letter we advised you that Doris S. had stepped down as hotline coordinator. Since then she has reconsidered and has come back as coordinator sharing the duties with Gina M. Welcome back Doris!

Lee T. is looking for volunteers to help with the Bridging The Gap program. We are up and learning in Knox County. We need people to step forward in the other counties of East Tennessee. If you want to give back, what was so freely given to you contact me at 865-556-5293.

Reminder, time is running short to register for the State convention.


Our 7th tradition tells us we are self-supporting thru our own contributions. Our wallets tell us that the economy is bad and our spending money is taking a hit.

I wonder if we would be able to put aside enough money to keep up with our Alcohol cravings if we were continuing on our drinking ways?

MY answer is I ALWAYS had Enough to get that next drink!

Please remember what our Fellowship saved us from.

Group Contributions are down and we need them to keep our programs going and Our literature stocked.

PLEASE send in your Group and Individual contributions'

Thank you Peter O'N.

Intergroup Chairperson.