Monday, June 29, 2009

District 50/51

Wayne W opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

Jim R read the Traditions

Motion made to accpet previous month’s minutes. Motion passed.

Jim R read the District financial report

Mike gave the Intergroup report. Supplies are being exhausted quickly and he isn’t able to restock at this time. Intergroup is in need of donations. Doris has resumed the Hotline Coordinator position. Call her or Pete O’N. if you would like to help.

Assembly Info – The next Assembly will be in Murphreesboro July 17-19. The State Convention will be held at the Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg Sept 4-6. The group rate has been extended throughout the Labor Day weekend.

CPC – Gordon said Macy will give to him the information she has.

No Archives report

Corrections – George has applications for correspondance. The next Corrections Committee meeting will be this Thursday and every first Thursday of every month 6:30PM at the Flatiron.

Grapevine had no report

Treatment – Chuck said the books have been picked up and delivered and he thanked the District for the funds to buy them. Wayne asked about the situation with Serene Manor and Chuck said there has been no word yet.

Old Business

Still in need of Grapevine donations for Treatment and Corrections.

New Business

Chuck asked if financially Intergroup would be able to function through the summer. Mike said probably. The 5:30 Unity Group is now meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday per their groups conscience agreement. The meeting schedule now on weekends are as follows:

New Beginnings

Saturday 9:00AM – 10:30

Sunday 9:30 – 10:30AM

Speaker meeting is on the last Thursday of every month and is also birthday night. This is the only speaker meeting help at the Flatiron.

The Upper Room as started a book study meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:30.

7th Tradition hat was passed and $12 was collected.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Submitted with love by:

Gina M.