Friday, August 21, 2009

Chairman's Message

We are still looking for someone to step forward and co-ordinate the Bridging-the-Gap program. Contact me if you're interested or not sure but have questions about the commitment. You can also speak to me at the State Convention. You do not have to be an inter-group or General Service Representative to fulfill this commitment. Any member
in good standing with 2 years of continuous sobriety is welcome to at least inquire.

Election time for many Groups comes this September. When we elect or re-elect a representative in our Group to the Trusted Servant position of General Service Representative
or Inter-group Representative we need to instill in that person that they are not just accepting a title but a Group responsibility. That entails attending a Service meeting when they are scheduled, carrying a message to the service meeting and bringing the details of the service meeting back to their group.

Are you ready for San Antonio? Your Group (if you're registered with GSO) should have received a packet in August. You GSR also should have received one. You can also go up on the website Alcoholics Anonymous and get information. Registration will begin on SEPT 1st .
We will be using the State Convention for our Sept. meeting. Their will be an Inter-Group work shop at 4:30 Sat. Every one is invited to attend not just Inter-group Representatives.Hope to see you at the Convention.

I'm having my left knee replaced August 25th so I'll be hobbling around an easy target for any questions!
Peter O'N.
Today's Question:
When you receive your copy of
the News Letter (paper or on-line
edition) are you sharing the
information and/or inter-group needs
with your group?