Monday, April 26, 2010

Chairman's Message

The next meeting of East
Tennessee Inter group will
be held Sun May 2nd
1:15 P.M. at the Rockford
Fellowship Hall.

Not sure if your Group is
part of East Tennessee
Inter group? Check the
meeting list. If your Group
is listed your a part, Check
to see who your Inter group
Representative is. Have one
make sure he/she is representing
you! Don't have one elect one!

Off to San Antonio:

$90.00 Registration fee ends
on May 14, Any registrations
received after that date is $110.00.

Still need a Room.
The spring edition of Box 459
said that rooms were still available.
Contact the Convention Housing
Bureau at and navigate
to 2010 International Convention.

is available thru your General
Service Representative, your
Inter group Representative and your
Local Central Office. You may
also get it on line see site above.

Beginning in May badges are
being mailed out so if your
already registered be on the
look out for them.

Thank you to the East
Tennessee Representatives
who helped in updating the
12 Step List.
Get well soon Don T. Blount
County Inter group Representative.

Peter O'N.