Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chairman's Message

I was one of about 50,000 members at the International Convention in San Antonio. What an uplifting event! Planning ahead for 2015 for the next International Convention in Atlanta Georgia. Plenty of time to start saving. $5.00 a week will get you $1,300. What a great honor again to be a greeter at the meetings: can't get away from doing service work.

In speaking with other people one theme ran thru almost every conversation. What has happened to the Spirit of Volunteering for Service work in Alcoholics Anonymous? Hotlines are being forced to curtail hours or in some cases close down. Reason being - no volunteers. Group donations in most areas are down some as much as 70%. Programs in Correctional Institutions,
treatment Facilities, and Inter groups are being curtailed - no Volunteers!

We want the hand of AA always to be their but we cannot do it unless we give back what was so
freely given to us.

Our Declaration of Unity:

This we owe to A. A.'s future
To place our common welfare first;
To keep our fellowship united.
For on A. A. unity depend our lives;
And the lives of those to come.

Am I doing my part? Am I volunteering? Am I getting my Sponsees and Group involved in our future?

Do not rest on your laurels!

Peter O'N.