Thursday, September 30, 2010

District 50/51

September 13, 2010

Darlene opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer
Lynne read the Traditions
Introductions were done
Gina was elected Secretary
John W gave the District financial report
Mike gave the Intergroup report. All Hotline shifts are filled.
Assembly Information - There was a pancake breakfast fundraise at Park 40 for the Host Committee. John A said it went from 8-10:15 AM. He said they really didn't give a whole lot of notice about this one beforehand but will do so in the future. They need money, baskets (and goodies to put in them) and volunteers. Please go back and discuss this with your homegroup. This is YOUR Assembly (50/51). The 4th Quarter Assembly will be October 21st-24th. The hotel is $82/night and the contact number is 1-800-222-8733. The registration code is Registration can also be done online. Darlene has fliers for the Regional Forum. It will be held at Myrtle Beach SC, December 10-12. Springmaid Beach Resort 3200 South Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach SC 29557. The contact number is 1-800-770-6895 and the group ID number is 4737. There is no registration fee.

Corrections - Ken said there are only 3 people left of the Committee. They have been unable to get any more people approved to go into the facilities and they really need volunteers. He said things aren't looking good for the Committee at this point.

Gravpevine and Events - Dennis thanked everyone who participated in the subscription drive. Prizes will be awarded. He said subscriptions are down. Prices may go up and they need articles to be submitted. Right now it is $28.50/year. There is special pricing for professionals. The monthly meeting of the Grapevine Committee is the last Tuesday at 7PM. He also thanked all those who helped with the ice cream social. He said they didn't make alot of money but they had a lot of fun. The Events Committee is open for event suggestions. Right now there are no events scheduled.

No treatment report

Old Business - A motion was taken back to the groups to donate $1,000 from the District to the Assembly Host Committtee. This motion was seconded and carried. The donation will be made.

New Business - John W said that we need a new Archivist. Mike will take the stuff available and store it at Intergroup. Please discuss this with your homegroups.

Group News - September 30th the Metro Group will celebrate it's 10 year Anniversary during the noon meeting. The Athens Group has disbanned after 50 years. The Pathfinders have an unofficial Big Book Study on Tuesday nights at 7PM.

District 50/51 needs help. Talk to your sponsees, it's a good way to get involved in Service work.

The next meeting will be October 4th

Submitted with love by
Gina M.