Sunday, October 31, 2010

District 50/51

October 4th, 2010

John B opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

Nancy read the Traditions

Introductions were done

John W gave the District financial report

Mike gave the Intergroup report. There is a Friday 5PM-10PM and a Saturday 1PM-6PM shift open. Alternates are always welcome.

Assembly Information - The Host Committee needs baskets (and goodies to put in them) and volunteers. Please go back and discuss this with your homegroup. They also need a meal to be provided. Please discuss this with your groups. Mike said he will donate a Marilyn Monroe drawing. This is YOUR Assembly (50/51).

Darlene has fliers for the Regional Forum. It will be held at Myrtle Beach SC, December 10-12. Springmaid Beach Resort 3200 South Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach SC 29557. The contact number is 1-800-770-6895 and the group ID number is 4737. There is no registration fee.

The 2nd Quarter Assembly will be in Murfreesboro. The contact number is 1-866-678-2378. There is no registration code. Rooms are $89/night+tax.

3rd Quarter Assembly will be in Chattanooga, at the Chattanooga Choo Choo July 22-24. The rooms are $92/night+tax.

The 4th Quarter Assembly will be a voting Assembly and will be held in Nashville. All Assembly dates, locations and other information is available at

Corrections - Ken said there are only 3 people left of the Committee. They have been unable to get any more people approved to go into the facilities and they really need volunteers. He said things aren't looking good for the Committee at this point but right now they have the jails covered. Nancy said she talked to Michele who told her that she will try to get what applications she can approved. The jail meetings are Monday 7-8PM. The Correction Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at the Flatiron, 6:30PM.

Grapevine and Events No report

No treatment report

CPC No report

PI No report

Old Business - We need a new Archivist.

New Business - John W asked for a raise in the allowed amount to travel to the Assembly. $300 was approved.

Group News - Nothing new at this time.

District 50/51 needs help. Talk to your sponsees, it's a good way to get involved in Service work.

The next meeting will be November 1st

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Gina M.