Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chairman's Message

As we approach this holiday season we should look around and see the things that this fellowship has given to us. We have been blessed with the gift of Sobriety and the tools to keep it! I come from an area where Sobriety and Service both begin with the letter S!

Let us be grateful to OUR TRUSTED SERVANTS, from our group members to our General Service Office Trustees. We (on our local level) have the person who opens our meeting location, our coffee makers, our people who chair meetings and our group officers. The members of our group who show up and do something, We are thankful for our Trusted Servants who take on the responsibility of Inter-Group Representative and the ones who take on the responsibility of General Service Representative and actually perform the duties of that responsibility!

We are thankful to our Co-Founders Bill Wilson and Bob Smith who were wise enough to give us 12 Traditions with the message:

I am responsible.
Whenever anyone reaches out for help I want the hand of A. A. always to be there and for that
On behalf of my self and your Inter-group representatives have a Happy and SOBER holiday season
Pete O'N