Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chairman's Message

Welcome to a new year.

I hope we all had a good and sober holiday season.
I know that over the past month many groups have rotated their trusted servants.
For the trusted servants who have rotated I wish to thank you for your service in A A to your previous position. For those in a new position welcome and thank you for whatever service you have rotated to perform.
With regard to Inter-group representatives I wish to remind you we meet the 1st Sunday of each month - except Jan.- at either Rockford or Flat Iron.

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE SUNDAY FEB. 1st 2 PM at ROCKFORD. As an Inter-group Representative you are responsible to come to these meetings and participate in the Inter-group programs. If you cannot do this you should turn your position over to a group member who is willing to be a part of Inter-group not just a name.

I would ask each group member to make sure you are being properly represented.

Since we should be getting new representatives from groups I am willing to have an Orientation meeting for new representatives on Sat. Jan. 17th at 11 AM at the Inter-group office. If you are interested in attending an orientation contact me at
The orientation meeting will depend on the response I get from people telling me they will be there, No response no meeting.
Reminder visit your online newspaper at
Peter O'n.