Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Intergroup Minutes

Meeting Sunday DEC. 7 Rockford
Meeting opened at 2 PM closed at 3:10 PM
General discussion was held with regard to On-line News Letter and Bridging-the-Gap program.
We took time to remember our departed rep from Topside Group Ken M. Ken served Inter-group faithfully in his time here and will be dearly missed.

On-Line news-letter will be expanded to include important Telephone numbers, Declaration of Unity and include Tradition for each month.

Karen (Rockford Group) has volunteered to look in to various areas of starting up Bridging-the-Gap program.

Reminder to groups that the On-Line newsletter can be gained access at Also for automatic delivery each month contact me at

Next meeting Sunday Feb. 1 PM at Rockford

Peter O'N.