Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chairman's Message

East Tennessee Intergroup Newsletter is available on-line at You can access it yourself and also be put on the notification list by sending your e-mail address to me at
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Two questions have been asked in the past month that I would like to answer:

1. Why do we need a Hot Line and

2. How does Hot-line work?

In any area where Alcoholics Annymous functions the hotline has one purpose. That purpose is to provide information and support to people fighting the disease of Alcoholism. Have we fogotten our 5th Tradition and/or our Preemble which deal with our primary purpose?

In some areas we have 24/7 hot lines in others it is manned on a availability basis.

To find out how it works in your area check your Intergroup or Central Office Representative.

This is how we have it set up in East Tennessee:

Calls to our hot-line number 974-9888 are answered 7 days a week from 9A.M. t0 10 P.M. On weekdays they are answered form 9-5 in our Intergroup office and from 5-10 by a volunteer on thier land line or mobile phone. On weekends and holidays all calls are answered by volunteers working 3 shifts each day. Our hot-line volunteers are rotated every other week to answer calls.

The calls we receive are for either meeting information or help. Meeting information calls are handled by our volunteers. Help calls are referred to other volunteers (who have requested to be put on our 12 Step list) forcall backs to the person requesting help.

Help can be in the form of someone needing meeting directions, a ride or someone to talk too. We refer all calls to persons of the same gender.

To be on our hotline or 12 Step list one year of continuous sobriety is required.

Peter O'N.