Thursday, August 26, 2010

Intergroup Minutes

Meeting was held at Rockford and was opened at 1:05 by Pete with the Serenity prayer.

Pete read from the AA Service Manual the 3rd Concept "Right of Decision" and 4th Tradition explaining briefly how each affected Intergroup.

Business Conducted:
1. Hot-line discussion on need for volunteers and back up volunteers to keep hot-line functioning. Thomas B. (Blount County Group) suggested that information be put in newsletter. Pete told him it would be in next newsletter. (see Chairman's message)

2. Discussion on Unity Newsletter. Peter brought up fact how lack of subscriptions was falling below the minimum postal requirement for mailing. The monthly cost of newsletter is $180.00 and mailing is $93.00 With less than 150 paid subscriptions we are losing $2,600.00 a year.
After much discussion a motion was made by Jay J. and second by Kay S. that Starting Jan 2011 it be published every 2 months and canceled with July 2011 edition.

We have an on-line edition since November 2008 and will use that as our monthly means of communication. Motion was passed by all reps in attendance.

Jay J.(Rockford) and Ben S. (Monroe County) will work on a new format for on-line edition.

On-line edition is available at

Information was given out on

1. South East Regional Forum next year.

2. Atlanta 2015 and Detroit 2020 International Conventions.

3. Freedom Group men's and women's meeting at Blount County Jail.

4. 47th Women's International Convention.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15